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You will see how the Vikings lived, their way of life and military skill.

How they dressed, how they cooked their own food, how they did different crafts, what armor they wore and what weapons they had, how they mastered military disciplines: they fired from a bow, threw axes and how they fought - different tactics of military battles.



You and your children will be able to participate
(included in the ticket price)

Master classes:

- blacksmith craft;

- pottery;

- weaving;

- box case;

- children's archeology;

- children's battles;

- obstacle course "Viking trail";

- throwing axes and knives;

- the game "Hnefatafl";

- the game "Fishing";

- power tests with Vikings;

- fights with bags on a log.

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The ticket price includes:

Acquaintance with blacksmithing,

with pottery,

with shipbuilding in the Viking Age.

Military battles of the Vikings.

Horse rides.

You will see a drakkar that came to us from St. Petersburg.

Various locations with medieval games:

fishing, bag fights, the labyrinth of luck,

reel, hefatafl, archaeological excavations,

children's battles, two obstacle courses, a master class on stilts,

medieval rituals for couples in love,

making a wish by the perfume tree and weaving wreaths.

At extra charge:

-Horseback riding


-Create your own amulet from clay and amber

-Archery and crossbow shooting

-Throwing axes and knives

-Light War

Drakkar Windur

On August 7 and 8, you can get acquainted with the Drakkar Windur, which arrived from St. Petersburg and stands on a pier on the lake near the settlement. 


Experienced seafarers from the RUS squad will tell about long-distance voyages, tell the secrets of medieval shipbuilding. 


The strongest and bravest will be able to try their hand at the Windur Drakkar.



In order not to gather people at one point, there will be no main stage this year, so we sent our musicians to walk around the settlement and play for our guests. 

This year we will have:


Taste our delicacies!